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Schedule of Activities

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October 14 – Solidarity action for #OccupyWallStreet

October 15 – Global day of action vs imperialist war and plunder


Issued by the Office of the Chairperson
International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
8 October 2011

The International League of Peoples’ Struggle calls on all its  global region committees, national chapters and member-organizations as well as its allies to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of the people for street marches and assemblies at the most prominent public places on the Global Day of Action on the 15th of October.

We unite for global change with all possible forces of the people along the anti-imperialist and democratic line.  We  must initiate the mass actions or participate in those initiated by other forces. We must  cooperate and conjoin with a broad range of forces interested in any of the 18 concerns of the ILPS.  We must protest and resist  imperialist plunder, state repression and wars of aggression and demand the immediate end of these in order to bring about a better life for the people.

We condemn monopoly capitalism and its persistent neoliberal policy of unbridled greed for devastating the social conditions and natural environment and for escalating state terrorism  and wars of aggression under various pretexts.  Spearheaded by the financial oligarchy, the monopoly bourgeoisie has ruined the lives of the working people and even the middle class in both developed and underdeveloped countries.

The crisis of the world capitalist system has already resulted in a protracted depression comparable to the Great Depression.  It is unleashing the forces of fascism and  military aggression.  It is urgent that we  intensify our struggle against imperialism and all reaction (including chauvinism, racism,  religious bigotry and war mongering) and   for  greater freedom, democracy, social justice, full employment and better living conditions, development and world peace.

We salute all the people, organizations and individuals who have waged the anti-imperialist and democratic struggle since a long time ago and in recent times.  The current militant mass movements in various continents and countries are inspired  by the history of people’s struggle and are driven by the current conditions of extreme exploitation and oppression to fight for the fundamental rights of the people.  We are determined to expand and intensify the struggle and to raise it to a new and higher level.

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